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EmeraldInsight eBooks

Inspiring research and emerging trends made accessible

eBooks from Emerald create lasting records of some of the most pressing subjects impacting the world today, offering a platform for innovative and interdisciplinary research across a broad and relevant range of subjects.

Our content links research and practice for the benefit of society as well as the research community.

The eBooks catalogue features over 2,000 carefully chosen titles reflecting the latest emerging trends and fresh thinking from leading academics as well as industry specialists, with current and backfile content presenting research on significant issues with real world applications.


Firmly established and recognised within the industry as a book publisher and a large number of titles winning and nominated for awards.


We’re adding a lot of eBooks to our portfolios year on year, increasing the size of future backlists and committing to bring you the very best titles. 


Content coverage continues to expand – as well as our traditional management, finance and accounting coverage books also cover social media, gender, mental health and  dark tourism.


The broadening subject matter means eBook content has real world applications responding to significant global issues.