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Real World Research - #RealWorldResearch
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#RealWorldResearch – Wellbeing

Health is the new wealth. Here’s our
research on how to combat stress,
be healthier and happier



Image: Stress.
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Stress is the body’s response to a fight or flight situation. Often it subsides once the problem decreases; but ongoing stress can not only affect you emotionally, but also physically. It can manifest itself into illness, and even affect how you behave.


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Book cover: Inequalities in the UK.


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Image: Maureen Drysdale and Tracey Bowen. How do we produce work-ready, world-ready graduates?

Mental health is one of the most pressing issues on campus and in the labour force. Maureen Drysdale and Tracey Bowen discuss how carefully-implemented work-integrated learning programmes can support students during the critical school-to-work transition and set them up for the world beyond university.

Image: Joanna Williams. Is 21st century feminism fit for purpose?

Joanna Williams (author of Women vs Feminism) asks whether contemporary feminism has lost its way, inspiring fear rather than self-belief in a generation of women who have freedoms and opportunities their grandmothers could only have dreamed of.”

Image: Custard, Culverts and Cake. Aldridge v Horrobin: Family Dysfunction and Social Class in Ambridge

Contributors to "Custard, Culverts and Cake: Academics on Life in the Archers" discuss how the study of genograms for two of the village's oldest families leads to surprising conclusions about where true family dysfunction is to be found in The Archers.

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