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#RealWorldResearch – World Events

The world can be a scary place.
Research helps us make
sense of it



Image: Women empowerment.

Featured article

Empowering women in the 21st Century

When it comes to women empowerment, there is still progress to be made.

Read our research which highlights ways in which we can continue to break down barriers and empower women across the world to achieve the opportunities they are entitled to.

Image: Is the Bitcoin frenzy making the world less safe?





Is the Bitcoin frenzy making the world less safe?

As early adopters start to cash-in and asset value continues to grow, it might seem like the Bitcoin boom is a win-win situation for all concerned. But are crypto-investors inadvertently paying into a system that is making the world less safe, and putting us all at risk?

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Image: What is our responsibility to climate refugees?

What is our responsibility to climate refugees?

Image: #BlackLivesMatter – Beyond the hashtag

#BlackLivesMatter – Beyond the hashtag

Image: Combating Terrorism.

Combating Terrorism

Image: Peter Kivisto.The US media and the election of
Donald J. Trump

Peter Kivisto, author of The Trump Phenomenon, discusses the role the media played in the election of Donald Trump, and what the rise of infotainment and post-truth, and the loss of the “vital center” means for American democracy.

Image: Humanitarian Logistics: Mapping the future.

Humanitarian Logistics: Mapping the future

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